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planetsalign wrote in fruitetal
O.K., here is my quick little run at announcing and introducing my community creations, one is really old, trying to breathe new life back into it, sinssevendeadly I have just updated and changed some things around in this comm, please come and check it out, exciting things on the way! This comm is currently at five members, needs a lot more.

Which is then followed by these newly formed communities, invent_innovate, this community is for anything and everything having to do with inventions and innovations. Yippie, this comm is currently at a whopping two members now, so excited about it!

harlequinficpic , this community is for anything and everything to do with Harlequin from Batman and pics, and fics related to her! I have also just set a style for this comm and will make a good and interesting entry, please come and check it out. No members yet, common ladies, some of you will love this comm eventually, Harley Quinn is the embodiment of embracing your inner bitch! Not to mention, she is just really hot and sassy, and full of animated antics!

Last but not least, edging_denial , This community is for anything and everything to do with edge play, orgasm denial, and other related fields of and dealing with BDSM. This community has now been fitted with a new look, temporary of course, and a few new posts, please come check it out and join it, open to feedback and posts as well. Currently at a whopping 11 members, not a bad start, couldn't do it without some of you! Please, come and join!

And Apparently I was forgetting another community that I have, philosopherston Not sure of the members in this comm yet, will be working on it today, for those of you who love to argue with me, or who love to argue or question things in general, this is the place to be.

And yet another new addition, fruitetal ,created because there is no LJ community for just fruit and everything about it!


Yet another community I am establishing, it seems to be missing from LJ, is this, selfshooters please come and join them all!


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